How it works

Our engineers will:

  • Talk through your capacity requirements with you, whether for import or export.
  • Accurately assess your supply requirements to control installation costs and select the most appropriate tariff.
  • Make an application to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) on your behalf, based upon your requirements.
  • Respond to technical queries raised by the DNO.
  • Get and interpret quotes from the DNO to secure your grid capacity.
  • If appropriate, get quotes for the negotiable aspect of a DNO’s offer via an Independent Connection Provider (ICP).
  • We can also check any quotes you may already have for overpricing, then re-negotiate and involve Consumer Focus and Ofgem if necessary.

In short, we can take care of everything for you.

How you benefit

  • Expert, dedicated attention – we will work directly with you, to fully understand your energy requirements and specific connection requirements.
  • You get exactly what you need, avoid misunderstandings with your DNO and costly delays. Through our extensive engineering experience, knowledge of DNO procedures and good working relationships with many of the DNOs, we ensure your application is accurate, comprehensive and fit for purpose.
  • No need to navigate and manage what can be a very time consuming and complicated process, involving different players – especially if your site has particular challenges like needing new cabling over long distance and tricky terrain.
  • Flexible negotiations – we always aim to secure as much capacity as we possibly can, even if this means negotiating timed restrictions on import/export when the grid is at capacity.

What to do next

Call us 024 7669 6512 and ask to speak to Oli or Jodie to discuss your capacity requirements.

We will then send you a quote for the work. Our fees will depend on the complexity of your proposed project.

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