How it works

The scheme is mandatory if you use over 6000 MWh per year (about £0.5m). You have to declare your energy use every year and pay for your associated carbon emissions.

We manage the administration of the compliance process ensuring your business reports accurate and timely energy information.

How you benefit

  • Expert advice and support from friendly, down-to-earth advisers.
  • Ensures all your submissions are accurate – we handle all the necessary paperwork and calculations in order to achieve a successful return and have specialist online software for CRC reporting and record keeping.
  • Assures your compliance with the scheme for as long as it lasts, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Help and support if your submission is subject to audit.
  • Access to advice about carbon saving strategies for your business – we are specialist in energy efficiency and our engineers are all Carbon Trust-accredited and experienced at defining and calculating carbon footprints for all types of businesses.

What to do next

The scheme has only a few years to run now but, if you need someone to pick up the reporting and management of the process until it closes, call 024 7669 8899 and ask to talk to Steve.

Full details of the CRC scheme can be found on the GOV.UK website:

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What to do next

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